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Simple Health International has a opportunity that has been designed to reward participating members as QUICKLY as possible and to generate growing monthly commissions without requiring much additional effort.

When you join Simple Health International as a paid active member, you will be designated as a Distributor. That creates a permanent personal 'Distributor Income Center' under which you will start building a Team and growing an income as others (referred by you or by those above you - your upline partners) join your team and make their own product purchases.

Our Plan is to keep things simple by offering:

  1. NO startup costs
  2. NO inventory to stock
  3. Free replicated website
  4. Commissions on referred sales
  5. Great Nutritional Products


Retail Sales Commissions

As an active Affiliate - with either a Silver or Gold product purchase you will earn a 40% commission on each product bought by a referred Customer through your SHI website. 


The Silver Membership

As an active Silver Member - with one product order at $30 and one personal referral - you are also a fully qualified active member with full membership benefits:

  • You will earn $10 commission on ALL personal referrals (1st Tier) monthly purchase.


The Gold Membership

As an active Gold member - with a two-product package purchase at $60 monthly and 2 personal referrals - you are also a fully qualified Member with full membership benefits:

  • Earn $10 commission on ALL personal referrals (1st Tier) monthly purchase.
  • Earn $10 commissions on ALL your personal referrals (Silver or Gold) referrals (2nd Tier) monthly purchase.
  • Earn a 100% Referral Bonus of personal GOLD members referrals monthly commissions.


Gold Member Monthly Income Potential:

You refer 5 Silver or Gold members who each referred 5 others 

Tier 1 - 5 x $10=50   

Tier 2 - 25 x$10=250  

Total earnings - $300.00

Now imagine all your personal referrals doing the same and you earnings a 100% Referral Bonus? In this example above that would be $300.00 Referral Bonus from one of your personal referrals. So imagine referring 5, 10 or 20 personal Affiliates who are actively working the business.


There is No limit on the number of customers/business partners you can refer and earn referrals bonuses!


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