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What is the cost to get started in SHI and maintain an active status?

Once you have created a FREE account you can proceed to complete your product order. You are free to upgrade your status to AFFILIATE member (to start earning commissions) any time you choose to do so.

You can get started with a single product order (Silver) for just $30 plus $2.50 S & H for US members. You also have access to all  promotional tools made available by the company.

To maintain your active membership and qualify for commissions in any given month, you must have an active product order during that month (See pay plan for sponsoring qualifications).

You can also choose to get started as a Gold Distributor with a $60 product order plus $3.50 S & H for US members and you can maintain your active monthly membership at that level.


Are there any incentives for the business builders?

Yes there are! As a matter of fact, it is these incentives that make our very simple Affiliate program so powerful, generous and with the potential to pay unlimited earnings to those who step up to refer and help others grow their income.

Take a close look at the Affiliate page and take note of the Equal Referral Bonus Commissions (100% Match) available to Gold members. This is what gives you the ability to earn an unlimited income potential.

When I renew my monthly product order, do I pay $30 (Silver) or $60 (Gold)?

If you are a Silver Distributor, you may simply renew with a single product order

Once you are in the Gold rank you would need to renew with a monthly order of $60...we have a fast-moving Affiliate program that has been designed to reward our members with commissions quickly.

What happens if I fail to renew or reorder during any given month?

To earn commissions during any given month you must be qualified with your own product order for the month. You will be given a 15 day grace period to make a due payment, after the grace period if subscription is not paid account will go as inactive. You will not be eligible to receive any commissions for any month during which you are not active with a product order.


Can I become a member of SHI if I reside outside the USA?

Yes. We are accepting International members. However there are some different terms for shipping & handling of products.

How do I purchase Bitcoin?

Every country is different. Google where to buy Bitcoin in your country and what is the best Bitcoin wallet to use in your country. 
This is a link to great resources for Bitcoin on CoinBase.com 

How and when are commissions paid?

You can withdraw your commissions once a week via PayPal or Bitcoin.

What form of payment does SimpleHealth accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover through Pay Pal. We also accept Bitcoin. 
Please CLICK HERE To Learn More About BITCOIN 


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